A Hopeful Note

Sooner or later, the Journey through pain, fear, and illness is a path most everyone walks.  No one should ever have to travel down that road alone.   Others who have survived, victorious, as well as family members and friends and even strangers can offer words of encouragement and hope that provides a ray of light while navigating that very dark tunnel, whatever the cause. Many of us know someone who has struggled with some type of trial.  All of us have struggled through our own private battles with health and wellness.  And when facing any serious physical illness, addressing the mental health component assures the best outcome.   At Journey House, we are collecting  hopeful notes of encouragement and we share them with you! 

Journey House works to reduce stigma by encouraging our members to engage in the community.  Journey House works to teach our members how to manage stress and fear and anxiety, appropriately.  We are hopeful that by engaging in this act of service, our members can feel better about themselves as they focus on the needs of others. We trust that by participating in something of this scope and importance, our collective energy will be renewed and our sense of purpose, rekindled…. as good, works.

Upcoming Hopeful Note Events

Ogden Valley

Hot Air Balloon Festival

August 16-18, 2019

Past Hopeful Note Events

The Susan G Komen 

More Than Pink Walk

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