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Everything you don't know is something you can learn


We will be going to the Lion King for $5.00 Tuesday! Come and join us! 

Rick will be going to Valley Fair Mall on Wednesday! Make sure you get signed up to go! 

If you are working or hope to be working soon come to our Employment Dinner on August 1st. We will be talking about how your employment or search for employment is going. 

Journey House will be doing after hours activities differently. Activities will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week. There will be one Super Saturday activity a month. Check the calendar to find out what the activities are for the week! Come in to Journey House to sign up for these activities

For other activities and events, check out our calendar page or the newsletter we send out, and of course you can always come into Journey House for the latest details.

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This is who we are. We are a team.

Find tips and advice from our members and staff on how to live healthy and productive lifestyles.

Don't walk your journey alone. Join our clubhouse!

Ways of coping...

Explore exercise and health tips that boost your confidence,  physical health, and mental health. 

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