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This is Us...

Journey House Clubhouse (JH) is a community based psycho-social rehabilitation program where adults with persistent mental illness can rebuild their self-respect and confidence. We provide a supportive and accepting community in which members can gain a sense of belonging and accomplishment through education, productive work, and meaningful relationships. 


Journey House Clubhouse is not a treatment facility. It is a unique supportive and collaborative setting where those who participate in our programs are "members" rather than clients. JH is one of over 300 Clubhouse programs world-wide that is certified by Clubhouse International. 

Journey House Clubhouse is a place for members to integrate  themselves into the community and assist them in achieving their life's goals. 

Journey House is a place where you are always Welcome, Wanted, and Needed! 


Our Mission

Journey House is THE community center available to all people in Davis County (Utah) with a serious and persistent mental illness to help them relentlessly pursue a meaningful and productive work, personal, and social life. 

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