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Employment Programs

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Independent Employment Placement
 Within the Clubhouse, Independent Employment offers continued support for members who have transitioned to permanent employment. It ensures that individuals thrive in their jobs while benefiting from the Clubhouse community.
Transitional Employment Placement
   TEP (Transitional Employment Placement) is a job that is held and managed by the clubhouse. Our TEP's are jobs that a member holds for nine months to gain new work experience in a supportive environment. Some current TEPs are at Davis Behavioral Health kitchens and at DEO at Davis Behavioral Health. We are always taking applications for the TEP positions. 
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Supportive  Employment
   Supportive is an evidence based practice Davis Behavioral Health has adopted to help individuals with their education and employment goals. Journey House has staff members that help with Supported Employment and Education. If you are interested in working or going back to school please reach out to your Davis Behavioral Health provider. Your provider can refer you to one of the specialists who can help you be successful in achieving your goals. 
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