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Welcome to Journey House!

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Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

In Cooperation with Davis Behavioral Health


Journey House Clubhouse (JH) is a community based psycho-social rehabilitation program where adults with persistent mental illness can rebuild their self-respect and confidence. Journey House Clubhouse provides a supportive and accepting community in which members gain a sense of belonging and accomplishment through education, productive work, housing and meaningful relationships. Journey House Clubhouse is not a treatment facility. Rather, JH is a unique supportive and collaborative setting where those who participate in our programs are "members" rather than clients. Journey House Clubhouse is one of 300+ Clubhouse programs world-wide that is certified by Clubhouse International. JH is designed to integrate its members into the community and assist them in achieving their life's ambitions.

Member Support

Within the Journey House Clubhouse setting' socialization and activities support our members by focusing on employment, education, daily structure of a work ordered day and assistance with arranging housing. Members and staff members working together as colleagues in an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring. All members of Journey House are needed, wanted, and expected daily.


The employment program enables Journey House Clubhouse members to return to paid work through transitional, supported and independent employment. members obtain confidence, self-respect, and vocational skills through community-based employment. The transitional employment program provides work training for members by securing part-time, entry-level job placements with local businesses. The Journey House Clubhouse provides support through on the job training according to the needs of each member. For those who are able to work independently, JH can assist members in securing, sustaining and upgrading their own employment. 

The Work Ordered Day

The work-ordered day engages members and staff members together by working side-by-side in the running of the Clubhouse. Here, we focus on the strengths, talents, and abilities of the individual members b providing them an opportunity to participate in all the work necessary to run the Clubhouse.


Recreational and social programs during evenings and weekends give members the opportunity to socialize and build relationships with other members of the Clubhouse. major holidays are celebrated on the actual day they are observed.


Journey House Clubhouse provides members with community classes to assist with healthy life styles management, weekly wellness activities, as well as nutritional supports (BEST MEALS AROUND!!). 

Community Support Needs

Recognizing the holistic needs of its members, Journey House assists with the following entitlements: housing, advocacy, personal finances, and daily living skills. Members of the Clubhouse are also helped to secure quality medical, dental, psychological, pharmacological, and substance abuse services in the community. The educational program offers a supportive environment where members can receive scholastic help, support and encouragement in obtaining a high school diploma, a GED or specialized trade training. 

03/1/24 Breakfast is now a $1.00

Lunch is still a $ 1.50

This is who we are. We are a team.

Find tips and advice from our members and staff on how to live healthy and productive lifestyles.

Don't walk your journey alone. Join our clubhouse!

Ways of coping...

Explore exercise and health tips that boost your confidence,  physical health, and mental health. 

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