A Message from the Director

As fall approaches, we are excited to be continuing to grow!  Our average daily attendance (ADA) is now above pre-COVID levels.  This is amazing!  All of our TEP's are still intact (except we need more members to fill them.)

It is an exciting time at Journey House.  Please remember that Journey House will be having our annual Community Thanksgiving Luncheon on the Thursday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 18th).  This is for members, their families, and our wonderful community partners.  We are so excited to celebrate this holiday together.

Journey House will also be open on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.  So, please come and be with us if you are not with your family! 

Journey House recently presented at the Virtual Clubhouse International Seminar.  Sara S. did a great job talking about ways to create a strong, vibrant Clubhouse culture.  She talked about how important consistency is in creating that culture as well as using the Clubhouse Standards as a "road map".  I also spoke with Sara on this topic.  I emphasized the importance of the director getting out of the office and into the units (leading by example).  It was a great was a great seminar.

- Matt Reed

Director, Journey House 

10/29/21 - Journey House Halloween Party

11/18/21 Community Thanksgiving Luncheon

11/25/21 Thanksgiving Lunch with Juan

11/26/21 Journey House Closed

12/10/21 Chuck A Rama & Shopping with all staff

12/22/21 Journey House Christmas Party

12/24/21 Journey House Closed

12/25/21 Christmas Lunch with Jen

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