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Member Support

JH offers a setting for socialization and activities for our members by focusing on employment, education, daily structure of a work ordered day and assistance with arranging housing. Members and staff work together in a mutual/respectful environment. All members are needed, wanted, and expected daily. 

Community Support Needs
JH holistically recognizes the needs of it's members and assists with the following: housing, advocacy, personal finances, and daily living skills. Members are also helped to secure quality medical, dental, psychological, and pharmacological, and substance abuse services in the community. 

Journey House provides members with community work shops and activities to assist with healthy lifestyles, weekly wellness evening activities such as yoga, going to the gym, swimming, and hiking. Nutritional supports are offered daily.   

Employment & Education

The employment programs enables JH members to return to paid work through: ​​

JH Staff are eager to help members obtain further education. Whether it is finishing high school, trade school, college, or university. We want to help you achieve your educational and career goals.  
Work Ordered Day​

The work-ordered day engages members and staff together by working side-by-side in running the Clubhouse. We focus on strengths, talents, and abilities of the individual by providing them an opportunity to participate in all the necessary work to run the clubhouse. 

Recreational and social programs during evenings and weekends give members the opportunity to socialize and build relationships with other members of the Clubhouse. Major Holidays are celebrated on the actual day they are observed.  
We offer many activities for our members to engage in weekly such as our member-run Journey House Choir! 
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