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Mental & Physical Health

In a society that puts so much emphasis on being physically fit and keeping our bodies healthy, we tend to loose sight of keeping our minds fit and healthy. Then comes the question of how do I have time for both physical fitness and mental health self-care?One answer is to kill too birds with one stone. 

Here you will find some good exercise tips for the body and mind. 

Walk It Out

You hear all the time to "talk it out." Sometimes a good remedy for those anxious thoughts or depressive spells is to "walk it out." Focusing on the change in environment and fresh air, can significantly increase mental health by allowing yourself to get out of your head and space. Plus, walking is a great choice of exercise for those who wouldn't call themselves a gym junkie.  Add 10-20 minutes of walking to your day and see the benefits both mentally and physically. 

Eat the Rainbow

Our bodies are organic in nature and design. So what we fuel it with will greatly impact how we function. We live in a high fat, high sugar, and high caffeine society. Eat only that and you will see our bodies begin to weaken, gain weight, and be prone to illness. 

Add 3-5 servings of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and you will begin to feel better, loose weight, and gain energy back. Be open to trying new things and of course eat those fruits and veggies that you already like!

Reach for It

Stretching is another great way to boost that physical and mental health. Stretching increases blood flow, hormone balance, and tension release. Start your morning off with 10-20 minutes of stretching and deep breathing. It is also recommended to do at night before bed.  Feel the body release bottled up stress with every deep inhale and exhale.  So reach those arms over your head and reach them towards your toes. Let you chin drop to your chest and breathe deeply through the nose. 

Get a Hobby

Gyms and running aren't everyone's cup of tea. That doesn't mean a healthy exercise routine is not possible. There are a lot of healthy hobbies to dive into such as rock climbing, hiking, and any sport such as tennis or basketball. Try new things even if they may scare you. Finding a hobby also gives one a sense of purpose and can really boost self-esteem. You may really like something you never thought you would.  

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