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Community Partners

Journey House Clubhouse (JH) has many community partners, which graciously donate time, talent, and other resources to enhance the lives of the individual members. 

We'd Like to recognize our community partners:

Bishop Storehouse -- Layton, UT

Chuck-A-Rama--212 500 w., Bountiful, UT

FiiZ Drink--2631 N. Hill Field Rd., Layton, UT

Little Caesar--2432 W. Antelope Dr, Syracuse, UT

Papa Murphy'--2052 W. 1700 S. B-2, Syracuse, UT

Pizza Pie Café--1803 W 1800 N, Clinton, UT

RC Willey-- Layton, UT

Soda Crazy (Italian Ice)--1058 N. Main St, Layton, UT

Subway--1724 W Antelope Dr., Layton, UT

Swig--916 W. 1700 S., Clearfield, UT

Swig--260 S. Fort Lane, Layton, UT

Wal-Mart--1536 E. Highway 193, Layton, UT

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