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  "There can be no Triumph unless there is a trial. There can be no Testimony unless there is a test." - Michael A. Youssef

“I have bad social anxiety, but I am more willing to be social because of Journey House. Because I realize that there are a lot of other people around here that have the same issue that I do and everyone has there problems. I like Journey House… and candy and Journey House has candy.”


- 4 year mental health diagnosis veteran

"It’s been a longer journey than I’d ever thought it would be. Somehow…I make it through every day, and I am thankful for being alive. I take each day and use it as an example of what not to do and what to do. Journey House has helped me out more than anything else has.  At Journey House, once you are a member you are always a member, and I take that to my heart. Thank you to all staff members for letting me be myself and explore the possibilities of life."


-30 year mental health diagnosis veteran

People help me be productive even when I am reluctant to work. They may not think so but them being who they are and with some effort to improve-helps me to form good associations. 

-48 year mental health diagnosis veteran

Journey House helps me so much because if I stay home I get depressed. With Journey House I have friends and I get to work, plus it is nice to have a place to celebrate holidays . 

-33 year mental health diagnosis veteran

Before Journey House I was isolating,  but now I have a reason to get out of the house. I have friends, I am productive; I was able to get a jobs. The weekend activities are a lot of fun and get me out  on the weekends. 

-26 years mental health diagnosis veteran

Journey House got me more involved in specific activities in the clubhouse and in the community. It's given me a start in focusing on the outside world and doing the things necessary to be successful.

-35 years mental health diagnosis veteran

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